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Short Version: 44 seconds

Here are some moments from the past 11 months during this motion picture's development.

"The most thrilling  film project I've ever had the opportunity to be involved with in a  30 year film career!"  Steve Kroschel/ co-producer

Co-producer/2nd Unit Director, Steve Kroschel, discusses a scene for the feature film "The Grounded", with Apollo 14 astronaut Dr.Edgar Mitchell (6th man to walk on the moon) and Laura Koniver, M.D.. Photos courtesy Nick Jans©

Steve Kroschel discussing sequence in "The Grounded" with Apollo 16 astronaut, Charlie Duke (10th man to walk on the lunar surface.) Photos courtesy Nick Jans©

Steve explains a scene in "The Grounded", with Canadian environmental icon, Dr.David Suzuki, in Vancouver, British Columbia, on May 8.

"Karen" the orphaned moose calf, makes the cast of "The Grounded" on June 16th.

One of the National Geographic Channel's hosts, Casey Anderson, along with crew discuss a scene for "The Grounded" on June 16th, in a log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness.'

"Isis" the she-wolf, joins the cast, June 26, 2012.

New Mexico Sequence : July 1st

United Kingdom Shoot, August 1-15

Potter, Nebraska Shoot August 12

Luther Standing Bear Sequence ~ September 9
Location : Yukon Territory

United Kingdom Shoot, October 8 with Sonic Age

Encinitas , California , October 2nd Shoot
    Cable Television Pioneer : Clint Ober

London Shoot, October 12

Middleton Plantation Shoot, Charleston, S.C., Oct.16
Laura Koniver, M.D.
Renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra with Laura Koniver M.D. and Dr. Christy  on location in Charleston, S.C. October 16th
Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell with Dr. Christy Westen and crew on location in Haines, Alaska , November 17 and 18th. Photos by Joe Ordonez